Graphene Oxide

Purity ~99%
Thickness ~0.8-2 nm
Dimension ~5-10 µm
Layers 1-3
Carbon Content ~60–80%
Oxygen Content ~15-32%



Graphene A+


AD-GO Description
Purity ~ 99%
particle size D50: < 10µ
Thickness 0.8 – 2nm
C:O RATIO ~55:45
bulk density 0.8-1g/cm3
Physical Form Powder
SURFACE AREA ~120 m2/g
CAS NO. 1034343-98-0
XRD Images of Graphene Oxide
Graphene Oxide Graphene 01
raman of Graphene oxide

Graphene oxide Applications

Improve The Properties Of Concrete

Used For Water Desalination

Used In Flexible Electronics

Chemical Sensors

Anti-barrier Coatings

Easy dispersibility in water and other organic solvents, as well as in
different matrixes. Improves Mechanical properties. Improves Barrier Properties. Improve Thermal properties. Small Quantity Can Improve
The Properties Of Paints & Coatings. Very Minute Quantity Can
Improve Properties Of Polymers.





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