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Nano Silver Conductive Paste | AD-AGN80

Sheet Resistance <1 mill ohms/sq for 10 µm
Surface Resistivity 40 micro ohms m
Product Composition Silver Nano Powder


Product Description

Nano Silver conductive Paste AD-AGN80 is made for highly conductive applications.

  1. Nano Silver Conductive Paste AD-AGN80 has excellent electrical conductivity. It allows for the efficient flow of electrical current, making it suitable for various applications where conductivity is crucial.
  2. Versatility: Silver conductive ink can be applied on a wide range of substrates, including flexible and rigid surfaces. It adheres well to materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and ceramics, enabling its use in diverse industries and applications.
  3. Low Resistance: AD-AGN80 exhibits low resistivity, reducing the energy loss during current flow. This characteristic is significant for applications requiring high-performance conductivity, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flexible electronics.
  4. Stability: Silver is highly resistant to oxidation, providing stability and longevity to the conductive ink. This resistance to tarnish ensures that the ink maintains its electrical conductivity over time, resulting in consistent performance and reliability.
  5. High Resolution: Silver conductive ink can be deposited with high precision, allowing for the creation of fine traces and patterns. This feature is valuable for printing intricate circuitry and miniaturized electronic components.
  6. Compatibility with Existing Printing Methods: Silver conductive ink is compatible with various printing techniques, including screen printing, inkjet printing, and flexographic printing. This compatibility enables efficient and scalable production processes for electronics manufacturing.
  7. Cost-Effective: Although silver is a precious metal. silver conductive ink can still be cost-effective for many applications, especially when considering its high performance and reliability.
Sheet Resistance <1 mill ohms/sq for 10 µm
Surface Resistivity 40 micro ohms m
Product Composition Silver Nano Powder
Percentage of solid loading 80%
Recommended mesh 100 mesh
Color yellow to silver
Curing/ sintering temperature 1200 C for 10 minutes OR 150C for 5 minutes

These advantages make silver conductive ink a popular choice for applications such as printed electronics, Sensors, RFID tags, touch sensors, solar cells, smart packaging, and wearable devices.



Tailor Made formulations are also available.


Clean the equipment with water immediately with water.


Close the cap tightly and store the container at room temperature. The material should not be stored at temperature below 100C or more than 300C.

The company bears no responsibility if the product is stored in inappropriate conditions.


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